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marketing-podcast-contractors-secret-weapon1Contractors Secret Weapon - Marketing Podcast have made it here and are ready to start working less and making more!!

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When is the best time to raise prices for contractors ?? episode #16

When is the best time to raise prices for contractors? Is there is right time? Would anyone notice if you raised your prices 10% across the board? Why do you want to raise prices? What’s more important customer perception or family? Are you true to the number 1 reason you went into business to mak... [Find out more...]

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Bonus Interview Successful Niche Painting Contractor #15

This one is about a successful Painting Contractor who found that niche sweet spot in their marketplace  where they could implement the successful systems that     loaded with  nuggets of tremendous information that  could help you in your business. What does it take to be a leader? How do you... [Find out more...]

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Using Guarantees in your business How any Why! Episode #14

Why to use guarantees? What are their purposes? Great sales tool! It limits the customers RISK! Don’t be afraid to use them they work. Use it to stand out in the crowd. What about a personal guarantee? Question of the week: How can your guarantee make your business stand out in the crowd give you.... [Find out more...]

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Would ya,should ya,could ya WOW your customer!!! Episode #13

Would ya,should ya,could ya WOW your customer!!! #13 Do What Others Wont’ even think of. Answer to last weeks question IF you couldn’t directly market to aquire new customers how would your business fare? WOWing your customer Some different ideas how to . What you could do to stand out. Ya mean ... [Find out more...]

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Making your customer FEEL important-Contractor Marketing Episode #12

# 12 How to make you customer feel important-Contractor marketing Are you making you customers feeling important? Who’ the boss? Think again. How many ways can you do it? Make them feel important. What is eyejot and how can it make them feel important. Be creative send them weird stuff. How about ... [Find out more...]

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Back to the basics Marketing! Episode #11

Back to the basics Great teams are successful because of the basics. Where does, marketing your company start? Professionalism you, your employees, your operation. Do first impressions really make a difference? If they do is it costing you money? How does getting bumped up to first class relate to y... [Find out more...]

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How your Target Market can save you time and create more profit for your company. Episode #10

#10 How your Target Market can save you time and create more profit for your company. Answers for last week’s question Will defining your target really save you time? Can it really make you more profitable? Can you train your customers properly? How far do you travel before you’re paying the cus... [Find out more...]

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What is a Target Market? Episode #9

What is a Target Market? Are you hitting the bull’s eye? Are you specific on who you want your ideal customer to be? What is their age? What is their income, profession? Are you missing the target because you are trying to sell the way you purchase and they can’t relate? What’s your plan to g... [Find out more...]

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USP in your Marketing -What Makes You Unique? Episode #8

Your Unique Selling Proposition Are you really unique?  What is the one thing that makes you unique? Are you filling a gap in the market place? Commodity or Value? Does your marketing make you unique? How to listen to the market place. Should I charge for? Is it an estimate or a report? This Survey... [Find out more...]

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Setting Up Your Marketing Goals for 2014 Episode #7

2014 on the road to prosperity. Are you on the road to insanity? How’s your game plan for 2014? Are you a goal setter or just let things happen. Are you on purpose to grow for 2014? What is a 10×10 marketing plan? Be strategic about your marketing. How you can be specific about your... [Find out more...]

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interview with Pete Mitchell with Bust Out the Big Guns Marketing Episode #6

In today episode in our contractor marketing podcast We talk about What business are you really in? Why you want immediate results marketing. Why should you run an ad a second time if it doesn’t pull the first. Are you marketing into a black hole? Tracking your marketing how far do you go? Do you.... [Find out more...]

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Interview with Tara Jacobson with Marketing Artfully | Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode #5

Today’s contractor marketing podcast is with Tara Jacobsen of Marketing Artfully. Tara has been in marketing since 1999, starting at a web hosting company, which at the time she barely knew what the internet was, let alone the technical backend of how websites work. Over the last 15 years she ... [Find out more...]

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Interview with Sandi Burnside with CC Logan on Contractor Marketing Episode #4

Sandi specializes in working with in the construction trades. Why the marketing piece of it is so crucial in getting your name out there. Figuring out a system. Why when figuring your target market it goes farther than just demographics Is there a gap in the market that you can step in and fill? Tar... [Find out more...]

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The GOOD The Bad and The Boring – Contractor Marketing Episode #3

This one is about GOOD contractor marketing, how to create good direct response marketing with a call to action. We go through seven steps to creating a successful ad and how you appeal to that emotion. How to get your piece of marketing in the A pile. What makes it captivating is it the headline...... [Find out more...]

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Good the Bad and the BORING – Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode #1

Contractor Secret Weapon first podcast Have you really thought about your contractor marketing? Join us today as we look at the 3 categories of contractor marketing, the good, the bad and the boring! We are going to start with the boring side of the marketing which most contractors gravitate to. We... [Find out more...]

Our marketing podcast is unlike anything available elsewhere to contractors…we talk with marketing specialists across the board who give us concrete tips directed entirely towards the trades. Some of the topics we cover include Marketing, Sales Cycles, Pricing, Positioning, Branding and more.

We are a marketing resource to contractors in the building, painting, pressure washing, roofing, plumbing…heck almost any trade that you can mention.

Our goal for this podcast is to help contractors stay on top of all the different marketing topics that are available, sorting out what is working (or not) in the industry today.

At the end of the day, we will consider it a win if you achieve enough success to stop thinking of your contracting business in commodity based terms and can switch over to a value based business, cherry picking only the best clients who respect you and your experience in your trade.

Why we do the Marketing Podcast for Home Service  Contractors

This podcast is presented by Dave Negri, a painting contractor for 25 years. Dave is a passionate entrepreneur who successfully segued from contracting to investing when the housing market crashed in Florida and now is dedicated to  sharing the knowledge that he has accumulated over the years about how to have a profitable and productive business. 

An avid learner, Dave has been interested for years in figuring out what marketing tactics work best in each marketplace, and for each type of contractor. What works in one area may not be best solution in another area and every marketing platform is not a fit for every contractor.