Contractor Marketing – The Good, Bad and Boring

Coming Soon – 10/23!

Most service contractors, whether you are a plumbing contractor, roofing contractor, painting contractor, home remodeling contractor, matter of fact any contractor or business owner.

Business owners look at marketing as a PITA they know it’s a necessity but really would just as soon as steal a nice looking piece and copy it to their own business and put it out so they can say they are marketing.

To no avail they also gripe and complain that marketing doesn’t work.

That’s why we’ve titled this, copycats are losers. That is copycat marketing is the loser.

In this series, we are going to help you discover

  • Discover what good marketing is and why.
  • Discover what bad marketing is and why
  • Show you what good marketing is and what it really looks like.
  • Discover the Science of Direct Response Marketing using Post Cards
  • What business are you really in?

Proper marketing is the lifeblood of your business without a constant flow of leads to your business you don’t have a business, you just have an entity.

We put this 5-day series together to help you move one step closer toward your dream business. The one that can run without you in the trenches but in the captain’s chair, navigating your way to financial freedom. One step at a time, one system at a time.

To having your business build you the lifestyle you deserve,

Dave Negri
Contractor’s Secret Weapon podcast

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