Discover How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media with Lyndsay Phillips 213

Today have a Lindsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth in the house. She is the captain of content marketing. Lindsay just became part of my team and I'm excited about what she's doing for me so we want to introduce her to our audience. We put together a podcast for contractors about content marketing…[Find out more...]

Does Your Marketing Pass The 5 Second Stranger Test with Bethanie Nonami 204

Our attention span at least in the United States for reading is five seconds a goldfish attention span is eight seconds ours is really five seconds because there's so much to distract us. We have five seconds to grab their attention it doesn't matter what media we use. It could be Cold calling Print advertising,…[Find out more...]

Personal Branding for Profits with the LinkedIn Guy Gregg Burkhalter 186

Want more profits? Want to build better relationships and build a better brand? Relationships first, Gregg Burkhalter says, because its all about relationships that grow your business. Gregg and I had a great time this week talking about talking about building a better brand doing everything through LinkedIn. We got caught up on some old times…[Find out more...]

Taking the Mystery out of Social Media the Bacon System Brian Basilico episode 126

Taking the Mystery out of Social Media, the Bacon System Brian Basilico Brian Basilico says, "You got to play on the stage where people are spending their time looking for you." Brian Basilico is an award winning and internationally recognized author, speaker and coach.  He's the Founder and President of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an…[Find out more...]

Bonus Interview: Gregg Burkhalter the LinkedIn Guy | Episode 78

Gregg Burkhalter is an active networker who understands the importance of extending business relationships into the digital realm. He has trained hundreds of professional on how to effectively market themselves and their businesses on LinkedIn. LinkedIn remains one of the most powerful social media channels for B2B marketers and its importance continues to grow. Organic…[Find out more...]