Know Who You Are Selling to with Heather Havenwood | Episode 192

Today we have Heather Havenwood CEO of Havenwood World Wide LLC. Heather is known as Chief sexy boss and she is a serial entrepreneur. Today's highlight we really got into talking about one of her clients who is a contractor. Really getting into knowing who you are selling to and being aware of that person…[Find out more...]

Asking for The Money with Brian McNeill | CSW Podcast Episode 188

Asking for The Money with Brian McNeill... Today with Brian McNeill we get really into talking all about sales! Brian gives the readers of his new book the power to overcome objections, the power to isolate the close, and the power to close more sales. Brian's company since 1992 has helped companies to hire, fire,…[Find out more...]

Relationship Marketing on LEGAL Steroids Joshua Lattimer | Contractor Secret Weapon Episode 155

It's really awesome to have Joshua Lattimer back on the program! Today we really go into relationship marketing and Josh has really taken this concept to a whole new level and putting a new twist on the whole concept by renaming it the Gratitude effect. Why is important to make you customer to feel really…[Find out more...]

Building a Dependable Client Attraction System with Johnson Emanuel 141

Building a Dependable Client Attraction System with Johnson Emanuel, Episode 141 Attract the Right Clients at the Right Price (anytime you need it) Johnson Emanuel is a business growth & strategic marketing consultant. He helps coaches, consultants, professional service providers, & others to create, package and launch high ticket offers and build a dependable clients…[Find out more...]

Why a Subscription Based Service Business Part Two | Episode 140

Why a Subscription Based Service Business Part Two | Episode 140 Last week we talked about a traditional service based business and the mindset behind it. If you are keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis, it's much easier to start a subscription based services business, service contracts, maintenance programs. A new profit…[Find out more...]