Does Your Marketing Pass The 5 Second Stranger Test with Bethanie Noanami 204

Our attention span at least in the United States for reading is five seconds a goldfish attention span is eight seconds ours is really five seconds because there's so much to distract us. We have five seconds to grab their attention it doesn't matter what media we use. It could be Cold calling Print advertising,…[Find out more...]

Mentoring the Next Generation in Business with Sonya Karris, Sacha Kauri 202

Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri joined me today so that we dive in to what seems to be a big concern for many business owners, What does it take to mentor the next generation, What are some of the key elements in bringing up the next generation and helping them become responsible business owners or…[Find out more...]

Best Local Seo Lead Generation with Mark Fortune episode 201

Mark Fortune says are you tired of wasting money on marketing that simply doesn't work? Would you like to follow a proven marketing system built exclusively for small to mid-sized growing businesses? Mark is a small business owner also so he knows what business owners go through when we try to create a spot in the…[Find out more...]