Discover the Science of Direct Response Marketing Using Postcards 209

If you really want to grow your business ,Using the Science of Direct Response Marketing is key to your future success, this is one system is one you want to put into place. Most contractors shoot from the hip. They wake up and look at their business and say, “I don’t have enough business” and…[Find out more...]

What Business Are You Really In with Pete Mitchell 208

In today episode in our contractor marketing podcast We talk about What business are you really in? The painting business, The roofing business The pressure cleaning business Do you really know. Let me ask you what business are you really in? If you answered one of the above or the trade you are in. That…[Find out more...]

The GOOD, bad and boring on Marketing, GOOD Marketing with Dave Negri 207

Don’t get bullied by sellers of bad and boring advertising. This episode is about GOOD contractor marketing, how to create good direct response marketing with a call to action. We have gotten past the Boring marketing We have gotten past the Bad Marketing. We go through seven steps to creating a successful ad How you…[Find out more...] Personalized Printing 1 or 1001 with Mike Schnitzius 174 Personalized Printing 1 or 1001 with Mike Schnitzius | Episode 174 is a simple done-for-you follow-up system. Are you fed up with all those emails that everyone sends you? Guess what... so are your customers and potential clients. Would you like an alternative to all that white noise going on in  your email box,…[Find out more...]

Discover How You Can Be Recognized as the Professional Expert and Achieve Celebrity Status in Your Community! Episode 85

Welcome to this week’s episode of Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast | Episode 85 This episode is all about how you can be recognized as a professional expert and achieve celebrity status in your community. Man that’s a mouthful! This week’s been kind of crazy for me because, as we talked about for the last few…[Find out more...]

Taking Your Business To a Whole New Level WOWing Your Customers Using Send Out Cards – Episode 75

This week I want to give a shout out to Andrew and the gang at Washington Deck and Fence who left us a great review on iTunes. Andrew's team at Washington Deck and Fence specializes in creating outdoor living spaces. In a nut shell, Andrew found the show and listened to all 74 episodes in…[Find out more...]

Stop Being an Advertising Victim, Learn Contractor Marketing episode 67

Quote for the week: “The superior man understands what is right the inferior man understands what will sell.” Confucius What is an advertising victim? We want to stop you from being an advertising victim. An advertising victim is someone who has no plan and makes advertising decisions based on whichever advertising rep catches him on…[Find out more...]