Discover the Science of Direct Response Marketing Using Postcards 209

If you really want to grow your business ,Using the Science of Direct Response Marketing is key to your future success, this is one system is one you want to put into place. Most contractors shoot from the hip. They wake up and look at their business and say, “I don’t have enough business” and…[Find out more...]

The GOOD, bad and boring on Marketing, GOOD Marketing with Dave Negri 207

Don’t get bullied by sellers of bad and boring advertising. This episode is about GOOD contractor marketing, how to create good direct response marketing with a call to action. We have gotten past the Boring marketing We have gotten past the Bad Marketing. We go through seven steps to creating a successful ad How you…[Find out more...]

Bonus Interview Victor Clarke Expert Marketer, Helping You To Be Better Do More | Episode 115

For over 30 years Victor Clarke has helped companies like yours make more profit by helping them be better at what they do so they can do more. Victor’s company, Clarke, Inc., has successfully transitioned its business operation away from a dedicated offset printing company. Today Clarke, Inc. works with businesses that do not have…[Find out more...]