"Double Coverage"

Discover how you can be recognized as the  Professional Expert
and Achieve Celebrity Status in your Community!

From: Dave Negri
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Imagine sending this to a potential customer to introduce yourself or leaving this behind to close a big deal when they haven’t said yes on your first visit?


The Contractors Audio Business Card Of course it has

  1. Your picture,
  2. Your Name,
  3. Your company colors,
  4. Your business name,
  5. And your testimonials
elite-incert-of-case-1024x1015Audio Business Card Uamcc


This format was specifically put together to make you the expert and because of the interview format it makes you the CELEBRITY  in your community.

And on the back cover!

This is where we tell your story. And how to contact you

elite-back-and-splineAudio Business Card Uamcc


The interview takes about 8 minutes, short to make it interesting to your customer and Long enough to build you up as the professional expert.

You can be recognized as the Professional Expert. And Achieve Celebrity Status in your Community!

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Plus a Special bonus only for this event: On 5-14 we did an interview with Ron Musgraves about business, priceless

Ron Musgraves the uncut interview plus the missing 20 minutes

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WARNING: Some of these Bonuses Come to an end at midnight September 14th

If you haven't heard the audio CD yet here is the full interview.

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