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New Word of Mouth Advertising Google Review Joe Burnich & Amanda Reid 283

New Word of mouth advertising Google Reviews.  Today we have an awesome talk for you. We have a returning guest, Joe Burnich and his business partner Amanda Reid. Today we will be talking about Google Reviews, everything that we can possibly think about that is related to google reviews. ... [Find out more...]


500% Better Response Rate Advertorial Advertising vs Image Advertising Dave Negri 282

As I was doing a research for a webinar I am doing, I came across this and Its sort of like old school but not really. It’s not used much, not likely to think about it. You don’t see a whole lot of it. But believe it or not, this kind of advertising will give... [Find out more...]


Avoid Becoming Another Financial Statistics Jim Mosquera 281

Today we have an awesome talk for you. We will be talking with about Jim Mosquera.About how to Avoid Becoming Another Financial Statistics.   He’s a published author of fiction and non-fiction and a business professional. He wants people to understand the world of problems and think for... [Find out more...]

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If you hadn’t noticed, Google Places has become Google Plus Local. Local marketing is especially important to you as a small business owner. People use Google to search for businesses and services, and the last thing you need is to have that messed up. The changes in Google Plus Local (GPL) will affect you, so here’s the low down on what’s going on. On... [Find out more...]


Yelp is not often the first choice for marketing your contracting business. When most people think of ways of marketing their contracting business, the first resource that comes to mind is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another social media site. But there is a hidden resource that you can use very much to your advantage! Yelp ... [Find out more...]

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Our marketing podcast is unlike anything available elsewhere to contractors…we talk with marketing specialists across the board who give us concrete tips directed entirely towards the trades. Some of the topics we cover include Marketing, Sales Cycles, Pricing, Positioning, Branding and more. Just about everything we talk about we’ve done the good the bad and the boring. We discuss what has worked for us why it has worked and why it might not have worked. Good marketing is the key to having a very profitable business. Throwing good money into the black hole of advertizing is not good marketing it is BAD advertizing . We will show you the difference and teach you how to ask the right questions when that next person comes in to sell you advertizing. Remember the person selling you advertizing is selling you advertizing today so he can eat tomorrow. He is not a team member.

We are a marketing resource to contractors in the building, painting, pressure washing, roofing, plumbing…heck almost any trade that you can mention.


Dave Negri

Contractors Secret Weapon owner and operator

Our goal for this podcast is to help contractors stay on top of all the different marketing topics that are available, sorting out what is working (or not) in the industry today.

At the end of the day, we will consider it a win if you achieve enough success to stop thinking of your contracting business in commodity based terms and can switch over to a value based business, cherry picking only the best clients who respect you and your experience in your trade.

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